Il Feudo Monteriggioni Restaurant

Tuscan Cuisine


Tuscan cuisine is based on simple but high quality ingredients.

Tuscan cuisine has its roots in very ancient times, dating back to the Etruscan period. It is precisely with the Etruscans that its Tuscan culinary tradition originated, evolving significantly later throughout the Renaissance.

Tuscan culinary tradition has its roots centuries before the rise of Rome: in ancient Etruria we also have a well-established wine tradition.
During Roman rule, Tuscan cuisine did not undergo major influences and changes and preserved its poor and frugal tradition, while the gap between rich and poor cuisine widened significantly with the decline of the Empire.
During the Middle Ages that many of the typical dishes still known today were born, such as ribollita, for example.
In the 14th century, Tuscan cuisine was refined, as were table manners (Florence was the first city in the world to popularize the use of the fork).
The rise of the Medici favored the holding of large and lavish banquets.
The Renaissance is the heyday of Tuscan cuisine.
It is also to this period that the first written records of Chianti, which was widely exported to the rest of Europe, date, and that the name “vin santo” was established for sweet dessert wine.

The discovery of America led to the inclusion of its foodstuffs, imported through flourishing trade and almost immediately included in Tuscan cuisine.
Also in the 16th century, Catherine de’ Medici exported the specialties of her land to France when she married Henry II, in turn influencing the creation of French specialties inspired by them. Years later, another Medici, Maria, went to marry the King of France, with a similar effect on French cuisine.
In the eighteenth century, the prestige of the Medici lineage faded, but popular cuisine maintained a high quality, especially at religious festivals.

Below are some typical Tuscan dishes…you may have tasted them…but if you haven’t, don’t waste your time! To end the circle of taste, don’t forget to pair it with a nice glass of local wine!

  • Black croutons
  • Pappa col pomodoro
  • Pici with crumbs
  • Pici all’aglione
  • Panzanella
  • Pappardelle with wild boar ragout.
  • Ribollita
  • Tuna of chianti
  • Florentine steak
  • Peposo
  • Stewed wild boar



  • Panforte
  • Ricciarelli
  • Gingerbread
  • Pan co’santi
  • Cantuccini with vinsanto
  • Grasshoppers


The Mariotti family awaits you at Il Feudo Restaurant, located right in the central square of Monteriggioni, to enjoy our Tuscan cuisine.



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